About The ROI of Good UX Design

More than half of the companies having digital interactions with their customers already understand how important a focus on good UX design is. Good UX design may raise some software development costs, but the return provided is so ridiculously high that it should be mandatory. That’s why it’s nice to see that more and more companies are adopting already proven UX/UI design principles, with Canyon Clan helping them to do this of course.

Let’s sum up some important competitive advantages companies that focus on a good a UX strategy get:

  1. The productivity of people using the application is increased because of a better application utilization
  2. Training costs are reduced because a straightforward application flow and UI design speak for themselves
  3. Money is saved on customer support because of this too
  4. Various long term costs related to platform maintenance are reduced significantly because of Human Central Design (HCD)
  5. The application is more future proof because HCD takes changing customer demands in account
  6. A UX strategy is mandatory when scaling up the application for this reason as well
  7. The customer satisfaction is higher because it was designed with his experience and needs in mind
  8. There is a better customer engagement because of this
  9. The customer loyalty is way higher also
  10. You get more product ambassadors because of word-of-mouth thanks to higher user satisfaction
  11. The connection between customers and your brand is better, so they will be more forgiving and become more personally involved
  12. This leads to more newsletter subscriptions and social likes for example, making your product or service more credible
  13. And sales are up as a final result

Even though the advantages are clear, today in 2019 many software, web and app creators, can improve their designs and implementations still a lot. To partner with others and to be an expert in the field of UX is the mission of Canyon Clan. This way, we build a better digital world together.

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