User Experience Through Gamification

The Canyon Clan is a small group of people who live on top of a canyon. Scientists have wondered a long time why, but a recent study brought clarity.


The people of the Canyon Clan have many skills, but here, we will talk about their gift for building games for business. Many scientists believe that, thanks to their sixth sense, which is somewhat telepathic apparently, the Canyon Clansmen are able to connect to application users in an exceptional way. This gives them a big advantage while designing digital user experiences.


But let's get real here. You want some examples of what this kin can pull off, right?


Think about a business application that rewards employees for their work, allowing them to gather experience points, achieve milestones and get rewards, just like when they play Candy Crush at home, but which correspond to real life incentives.


Think about a graphical representation of your warehouse or truck locations, creating a clear picture of where all goods. While focusing on user experience this time, in stead of only functionality, which happens way too often in business process digitization, a beautiful and fun interface is created.


Think about how a virtual 3D assistent behind a 3D desk can give automated first line support to your valued customers straight from the browser on their smartphones. This makes all interactions way more personal than a traditional FAQ, right?


Think about how a webshop could be transformed into a 3D store, available from your customer's browser, without the need for any plugins, showing the stuff you sell in a 3D shop. The customer enters your virtual store and can almost touch the fridge he wants to buy, experiencing only a tight gap between the digital and real worlds. This is the next step in digital sales!


Think about a student who can dissect the human body without actually having to cut open its sibling. This audiovisual experience, preferable enriched with a somewhat emotional back story, anchors the memories way better in a student's brains than a classic textbook will ever do.


Think about a simulation game that fire fighters can use to learn to make decisions while navigating a virtual burning building. This makes exercises cheaper, safer and endlessly more varied than a physical training site ever will.


That's what the Canyon Clan can do. Brave like fire but smart like a fox, as their specializations lay in software development, graphical design in 2D and 3D with animation, UX design and more. The Clan wants to work together with you in order to help build a world that makes people more happy.


A happy employee is a productive employee, a happy customer is a buying customer and a happy student has more energy to remember things and add more value to society. So work together with brave canyon people and create an amazing solution that people will never forget.


Let's get in touch.


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